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Everest Poker - The Most Popular European Online Poker Room! Everest Poker wants to make you a poker star! With cash satellites and freerolls running every day, we are the BEST place to win seats to the biggest tournaments in Europe. Latest News: $50 Refer-A-Friend Bonus!  As a registered user, you've already received our $100 Welcome Bonus but  we're pleased to announce a new Bonus. Tell your friends about Everest Poker, and we will award you an extra $50 Bonus for each one who registers to open a player account.  Your players recruit more players for YOU!  Everest Poker

Everest Poker - The best online poker room!

Use Our Training Room

The best way to become familiar with multi-player poker is to use our exclusive Training Room. It's fun, it's easy and there is no pressure because you're playing against our three Automated Trainers, not other people. Take your time to learn the game controls and flow of play in a relaxed environment. It's Free Play, and you can use the Training Room as often as you like.

Our three Automated Trainers
Online Poker School
T. Norgay
Online Poker School
G. Mallory
Online Poker School
E. Hillary
To get to the Training Room, simply locate the button on the Lobby, click and then select which type of bet limits you want to use (we recommend starting with Limit Play only because there are fewer betting choices to make when playing).

Online poker is the fastest growing online gaming activity. Partially a game of skills, poker requires patience and a certain level of expertise and understanding of the odds to maximize chances to win.

Competitivness varies according to game rooms, tables, stakes and of course price.

Playing online is fun, and if you pick the right gaming room, you will feel that the level of interaction and the gaming experience resembles that of the big landbased gaming rooms.

The game of poker is very well known and has s serious following in the United States and parts of Europe such as France and Sweeden, but now we started seeing other countries joining in the fun.

Everest PokerIf you play offline, then you already know the rules, and you should spend most of your time for the next couple of weeks getting familiar with the game controls and poker room specific rules, nevertheless, the stakes. Watch some of the games as a spectator, start chatting with the crowd and practive in free games.

If instead you are completely new to the world of poker, we suggest you start with learning the most commonly played and popular variation of poker, texas hol'em. Everest Poker offers an online poker school aimed at preparing you for the real money gaming experience. You will be tought the gaming terminology and the basic strategies. In the newsletters, you will also learn tips and tricks as presented by some of the most prominent poker players. Visit Everest Poker

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