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Party Poker Table Stakes, Minimum Buy-In, All-In and Side Pots

Table Stakes

  • The only money that "plays" in a hand must be on the table prior to the start of the hand, i.e., Player may not make a wager in excess of the value of his chips on the table at the start of a hand.

  • Taking money out of the game and continuing to play is not allowed in a table stakes format.

  • You may add money to your stack at any time (except during a hand in which you are involved), i.e., you may only acquire additional chips between hands.

  • If you run out of chips after a hand any added money you requested during the hand will have to be at least in the amount of the minimum buy-in.

Minimum Buy-In

  • The Minimum Buy-in requirement for all limit poker games is 10 times the Big Blind/Lower Stake in the Game. This means you would need $100 to enter the $10/$20 game, $50 to enter the $5/$10 game and $30 to enter the $3/$6 game.

  • For Pot Limit and No Limit games there is a predetermined minimum and maximum buy-in.

All-In and Side Pots

  • When a player puts the last of his chips into a pot, that player is said to be all-in. An all-in player is not eligible to win any money bet above his last bet. The excess part of the bet is either returned to the lone bettor, or is used to form a side pot with another player or players still remaining. There is no limitation on the number of side pots. The all-in player(s) will be eligible for the pot they are involved in and cannot be forced from the hand.

  • Sometimes a player has enough chips to continue betting or calling but has been disconnected and unable to respond. In this case the player is also deemed to be "all-in" (if he or she has disconnect protection available) for all the amount of chips he or she has bet on that particular hand.

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