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Party Poker Disconnection Protection and Cancellation Policy

Except as otherwise expressly stated in writing by, the following terms and conditions set forth the rules and procedures that govern all Players’ rights in the event of disconnection and game cancellation:

1. Disconnect Protection is a tool implemented to protect players in the event that their internet connection is inadvertently lost while involved in a pot. If a player does become disconnected, that player will be allowed to continue in the hand (provided he or she has Disconnect Protection available) and contest that portion of the pot that he or she had become financially involved in up to the point of disconnection.

2. strives to offer the best Disconnect Protection to our players. Our goal is to protect players while also maintaining appropriate checks so that the protection shall not be misused.

3. Disconnect Protection is in no way intended to be used for any purpose other than a genuine disconnect. Any misuse of this policy by intentionally disconnecting from the poker site may result in; forfeiture of any monies won, tournament disqualification, the loss of the Disconnect Protection privilege or expulsion from the site.

4. Our software is designed to detect whether a Player had a genuine disconnection before giving the Disconnect Protection to him. If a Player tries to get Disconnect Protection by simply not acting on his/her turn and getting "timed out", he/she is deemed to have folded.

5. Players MUST accept the risk of disconnection. Disconnections can and do occur. (Log back on and continue play as quickly as possible). To limit potential disconnection difficulties, please consult with your ISP as to what measures can be initiated to help reduce this risk. At no time will assume responsibility for disconnected players regardless of cause.

6. If a Player is disconnected during the play of a hand and has Disconnect Protection available, that protection will kick in and the player will be able to contest that part of the pot in which they had invested money (and can win whatever is in the pot at the time of the disconnect).

7. reserves the right to alter this policy and render final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Policy changes and relevant decisions will be communicated accordingly via via electronic and/or written means.

8. reserves the right to render final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Decisions will be communicated accordingly via via electronic and/or written means.

Live Game Disconnect Protection:

9. Disconnect Protection resets are allowed three times in a 7 day period for live game play. This means that before successfully processes a player's reset request; we will determine whether the Player has used up his or her quota of resets. If the player has, will not reset the protection automatically.

10. Each player is limited to the use of 8 Disconnect Protections (3 resets) within a 7 day period for live game play.

11. A Player may request for a Disconnect Protection reset by using either of the following two methods:

12. Go to Lobby --> Click on 'Options' --> Click on ‘Reset Disconnect-Protect’; OR

13. While at the table, click on the 'Dealer's Chip Tray' to get the options. One of the options is ‘Request Disc. Protect’. Just click it to send a reset request to us.

14. On the successful resetting of a Player's Disconnect Protection count, the Player will receive a confirmation

Tournament Game Disconnect Protection:

15. Each player is allocated one (1) Disconnect Protection in the case of disconnect for each tournament that they play. The tournament disconnect quota is separate from the disconnect quota for live game play.

16. Once a player has exhausted his Disconnect Protection in a particular tournament, that player will not have the ability to reset the protection and will not be protected from disconnect for the remainder of that tournament.

17. If for any reason a Player loses his/her connection, play will continue. Blinds and antes will continue to be posted automatically in tournaments. A Player should log back on as soon as possible to continue play.

18. Players will be blinded/anted out of the tournament if they do not reconnect.

Game cancellation policy:

  • REAL MONEY GAMES: Each player will be refunded back the exact amount of money he or she had at the start of the hand at the time of cancellation.

  • PLAY MONEY GAMES: Each player will be refunded back the exact amount of chips he or she had bought in when he or she took the seat at the table. This is done because we do not record ALL play money hand information.

  • SINGLE TABLE TOURNAMENTS: If a Tournament is cancelled due to technical issues, any Player who was eliminated prior to this time will lose his or her buy-in and entry fee. The remaining Players will be refunded their Buy-ins and Entry fees and will equally divide up the Buy-in monies from the Players already eliminated, regardless of the chip standing when the tournament was halted.

  • MULTI TABLE TOURNAMENTS: If a Tournament is cancelled due to technical issues the following refund policy will be implemented: Eliminated Players at time of cancellation will not be refunded their Buy-In (Amount which goes to the Prize Pool) or Entry Fee (Amount the house takes).

  • Players still in the tournament at time of cancellation will be refunded as follows:

  1. 50% of Prize Pool will be distributed equally between all players still in the tournament at the time of cancellation.

  2. 50% of Prize Pool will be distributed on a percentage basis at time of cancellation based on their chip count.

  3. Their entry fee. (For ex. $3 in a $30+$3 tournament)

All use of is further governed by the Terms & Conditions of Use.
February 8, 2004

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